March Baronial 2018

Celebrating Piety and Chivalry in the Barony.

Isabeau of Bavaria, Queen of France 385

Detail of a presentation miniature with Christine de Pisan presenting her book to queen Isabeau of Bavaria. Illuminated miniature from The Book of the Queen (various works by Christine de Pizan), BL Harley 4431.

Queen Isabeau in procession. Illuminated miniature from Jean Froissart’s Chroniques, BL Harley 4379.













A tourney and feast to honour the Queen Isabeau of France, the year is 1385 and the marriage discussions are ongoing as the King of France is very keen to be wed.  Queen Isabeau became a great patron of the arts and was also known for her great attachment to her children and was known for keeping them with her during her travels.  Married to King Charles VI of France. She became a patron of the arts and was known for her piety.

This March Baronial is in honour of the Baroness Josseline of River Haven and her great love and affinity with the many arts and her service to the children of Lochac.

There will be Tourneys to vie for her favour and show allegiance to River Haven. Arts and Science competitions to show support of the many forms of the arts in River Haven with a special competition of a sweet subtlety which after judging will be served to the Baron and Baroness as part of the feasting.

River Haven March Baronial is an afternoon of tournaments and will be topped off by a 14C French feast in honour of the Baroness Josseline.

The day will be themed around 1385, the year that Lady Isabeau became Queen of France and proceeded to be known as a Patron of Piety and the arts.

Make sure to enter the arts and science competitions in the spirit of this special time in

Show your prowess in the Rapier and Heavy Tourney, for the chance to win the title of Champion of River Haven.

This event is capped at 60 people so be sure to book early.
Feast Steward – Master Baron Drake
Event Steward – Lady Amalia Del Benino  –
Arts and science – Renée Lake
Event Marshal – Baronial Marshals

Costs:  Member Full event – Adult $40.00
High school 12- 18 years $30.00
Primary school 5- 11 year olds $15.00

Under 5 $0.00
Non Member Price – Add 5.00

Bookings: by sat 10th march to

Site: River Haven hall, 35 Wesley St, Lutwyche, QLD

Planned Menu (may change without notice)

Afternoon Tea
· Tartlettes of Mushroom – – Le Ménagier de Paris
· Cruste Rolle – Fried Cracker – Le Ménagier de Paris
· Chicken Pasty – Le Ménagier de Paris
· May Eggs – Ouverture de Cuisine
· Saffron Wafers and Sugar Wafers – English Housewife
· Bread with Herbed Butter
· Fresh Fruit
· Almond Macaroons – Elinor Fettiplace

Evening Meal
1st Remove
· Cinnamon Brewet of Pork – Le Ménagier de Paris –
· Smoked Roasted Lamb
· Homemade Mustard – Le Ménagier de Paris –
· Jance (Ginger) Sauce – Du fait de cuisine –
· Green (Herb) Sauce
· Grave of Small Birds (Chicken and Bacon in red Wine) – Du fait de cuisine
· Asparagus – A new booke of Cookerie
· Pickled Cabbage – Ein Kochbuch
· Tart de Bry – Forme of Cury
· Turnips – Le Ménagier de Paris
· Cremonze Spinach and Cheese Tart – Ouverture de Cuisine
· Vermicelli (Pasta with cheese) – The Vivendier

2nd Remove (dessert) on side buffet table.
· Saffron Wafers and Sugar Wafers with Hypocras – English Housewife
· Hazelnut Drink – Le Ménagier de Paris
· Gely (Flavoured Jelly) – Ouverture de Cuisine
· Fresh Fruit
· Payne Foundewe – Fourme of Curye
· Nucato – Libro della cucina
· Comfits – Sugared Spices.
· Mon Amy – MS Harley 5401


Arts & Sciences

Bonjour a’ la populous de Riverhaven.

March Baronial Arts and Sciences competition is to Celebrate Lady Isabeau of Bavaria, Queen of France. Entries for all categories need to be French from her lifetime 1370-1435.

• HEADWARE- Lots of Amazing styles to choose.
• ARMOUR- From SCA approved to a miniature model.
• SUBTLETY- More than a sample please, as will be served at the high table.

Maximum two pages of documentation no less than 12 size font, not including reference pictures.

• WHY you chose entry (Creativity)
• WHAT used to make entry (Authenticity/Plausability)
• WHERE and WHEN entry from (Documentation)
• HOW entry made (Workmanship/Complexity)

Au revoir, Sybella Gourdon
Riverhaven Hospitaller, Arts and Sciences Officer