Previously every 6 months, now yearly, in March and September, the River Haven Baronial Championship tournament is held. The Baronial Heavy and Rapier champions are decided in March and September, and the Archery and Arts & Sciences at September.

The current Champions are:

  • Heavy Champion: Christopher Longstaff
  • Rapier Champion: James Pond
  • Archery Champion: Francis of Stegby
  • A&S Champion: Symonne de la Croix
  • Sergeant of the Guard: William Castille
  • Heavy Guard: Stephanos Maniakes Pogonatos
  • Archery Guard: Robin of Twyford
  • Bard of River Haven: Sir Argo Agwesi

Previous Champions (During the time of Dimitrii & Josseline):

September 2018 – September 2019

  • Heavy Champion: William Castille
  • Rapier Champion: Rixenda de Ruppe
  • Archery Champion: Cainnech MacRaith
  • A&S Champion: Ringwar Northwood
  • Sergeant of the Guard: Ethne ingean Giric
  • Rapier Guard: Emma Rose Montagu
  • Archery Guard: Elias of Rhodes

March 2018 – September 2018

  • Heavy: Magnús bjarki Eiríksson
  • Rapier: Sir Somerled of Redcliff
  • Archery: Ulfr Smidr
  • A&S: Martin the Blacksmith
  • Sergent: Lucien du Mont
  • Guard: Ulfr Smidr & Amalia Del Benino

Sept 2017 – March 2018

  • Heavy: Ulfar Hausaklyufr
  • Rapier: Euphemia de Niccolo Ziani
  • Sergent: Coenred Oerikssune
  • Guard: William Castille & Siegfried Vølundr

March 2017 – Sept 2017

  • Heavy: Boyd Wolfram
  • Rapier: Finnr Magnusson
  • Archery: Magnus Errikkson
  • A&S: Kara of Kirriemuir
  • Sergeant: Wulfric Greycloak
  • Guards: Nastasiia Dubrovskaia & Ethne Ingean Giric

Every Baron & Baroness also takes on Ladies in Waiting, Baronesses Champions and other Court positions.  Below is the current Court of Baron Dimitrii and Baroness Josseline

Ladies in Waiting:  Sybella Gourdon, Roisin Loch Eirne, Dominika Borishkovaia, Allice Penrose, Kit of Stegby

Baronesses Champion: Wulfric Greycloak

Barons Champion: Marinette Aus Chevaux

  • Previous Baronesses Champion: Lucien du Mont