Welcome to the Barony of River Haven of Lochac!

Baron Dimitrii and Baroness JosselineThe SCA, or Society for Creative Anachronism Inc., is a family-friendly, non-profit, educational organization whose aims include re-creating the arts and crafts of the pre-17th century world.

We get together, learn all sorts of skills and crafts from cooking to fighting and everything in between, and we have a good time doing it. We are as much a recreation groups as a re-creation group – that is we do what we do as much for fun as for authenticity. We have many members whose aim is to be as authentic as possible in as many ways as possible. We also have just as many members who are content to be as authentic as required to give a medieval feel to things while having as good a time as possible. The choice of your goals is up to you.

The only things required are that you at least make an attempt at period garb (“garb” means costume), try to avoid the look and feel of the modern world (the terms “mundane” or “mundanity” usually refer to the modern world), and that you be polite to others while you are doing it. If you want to be a totally authentic person, fine. If you want to be a barely authentic party animal, fine as well.

Welcome to the Current Middle Ages. It is a journey full of learning and entertainment, and we hope to see you at a tourney, feast or Arts and Sciences evening soon.

So… the SCA sounds like something that would interest you?

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For More details about River Haven please contact the Hospitaller or the Baron & Baroness.

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