The River Haven Library is a humble collection of journals and reference guides for the benefit of members and Barional officers. Due to item losses, texts are not on loan, but are freely available to peruse in the River Haven Hall.

Periodicals & Journals.

  • Compleat anachronist

    • Issue 1-121.
      A monograph series published four times a year by the S.C.A. Each issue is a focused topic relevant to the time period 600 C.E. to 1600 C.E.
  • Tournaments Illuminated

  • Cockatrice

    • The Lochac Arts & Sciences Magazine.
      SERIES ONE. Edition 1 – Issue 34, April A.S. XLI.
      SERIES TWO. Issue 2. January 1999 – Issue 17, January 2003.


Here are some articles published by members (past and present), most hand-outs at classes are copyright to the authors.

  • Combat Archery Target Pattern by Lord Siegfried Sebastian Faust [9kb 1p. .pdf]
  • Potluck Feast Helpful Hints. Complied by Josseline de la Cour. [36kb .doc]
  • “Medieval Toys You Can Make” by Aelflaed of the Weald / India Ollerenshaw [33kb 2p. .doc]
  • Banners, Standards, and Pennons by Lady Femke de Roas [165kb 6p. .pdf]
  • Banner Painting. The Lord William of Tosny notes. [231kb 2p. .pdf]
  • Documentation by Glynnis Hollinder. [link]
  • Documentation by Mynjon du Jardin. [link]
  • Documenation Example: Viking Woollen Hat by Dimitrii Borodinskii [14kb 1p. .doc]
  • Group Projects – Baronial Court Carpet


  • River Haven Event Reporting Form [27kb 2p. .doc]
  • Name Submission Form [26kb .pdf]
  • Device Submission Form [23kb .pdf]


  • Seneschal’s Hanbook [.pdf]
  • Lochac Herald Policy [.pdf]
  • Hospitaller Handbook [.pdf]
  • Lochac A&S Handbook [.pdf]
  • Lochac Marshall Handbook [32p .pdf]
  • Lochac Combat Handbook [.pdf]
  • Target Archery Rules [.pdf]
  • Lochac Chronicler’s Policy [.pdf]
  • Lochac Constable Handbook [.pdf]
  • Lochac Webwright Handbook [14pp .pdf]
  • Chirurgeon Handbook [.pdf]