River Haven Roll of Arms contained the registered names and devices of the populace of River Haven. The information has been sourced from the Lochac Roll of Arms. The name links take you to Lochac Canon Lore.

In River Haven, you have the opportunity to register your name and device (a shield design as appears on a coat of arms) with the Heralds.  Registered names and devices are protected within the SCA and cannot be used by another person.

The eight Baron and Baronesses of River Haven



Master William Castille
(Steve Maynard)
(Dominic Hunter)
Mistress Contarina la Bianca
(Nina Casagrande)

Baron Wendell von Bayern

(Stewart Rolfe)

(Katrina McCreadie)
Sir Somerled of Redcliff
(Alan McDonald)
Mistress Caelia the Fair
(Michelle McDonald)
Sir Agro Agwese
(Brett Hollindale)

Lochac Order of the Chivary members at River Haven

Agro Agwesi

Draco de Euruic

Lorcan of River Haven

Sebastian of Ventbarré

 Somerled of Redcliffe

Lochac Order of the Laurel members at River Haven

Contarina la Bianca: Embroidery

Katherine Alicia of Salisbury: Embroidery, Calligraphy and Illumination

Sigurd Trygvarsson: Gardening, Horticulture and agricultural crop history

Wolfgang Adolphus Jaeger: “Being Period” especially clothing for under armour, C&I, Dance…

Lochac Order of the Pelican members at River Haven

Catherine the Friendly
Jacques du Bar sur le Loup
Johanna Wendover
Josseline de la Cour
Kyrii Windstrider (Siona of the Eagle’s Nest)

Ælfgifu of Burnfield

Wulfric Greycloak

Lochac Company of Archers members at River Haven

Hrothgar Breaksword

Jean le Horner

John Longshankes the Grey

Madog Llwyd ap Madog

Wulfric Greycloak

Lochac Order of the Defence members at River Haven

Nil yet

River Haven Populace’s Names and Devices