Special Events Calendar

Here you will find a list of special events, such as Baronial Championship, Royal Events, Wars, Collegia, Festivals and the like.
If you were looking for the weekly meetings: click here.

Please note, Any events marked with *** means event is yet to be approved and details are subject to change .
Information will be added as received.

Activities and Details are announced on the River Haven email list.

Updated: April 2023. Page Refreshing is recommended.



  • 22nd – The Most Northern Royal Visit – River Haven


  • 6th-7th – Coronation – Politarchopolis
  • 13th –  Baronial Championships – Red and White theme – River Haven


  • 10th-11th – Great Northern War – St Florian


  • 8th-9th – The Abbey – St Florian
  • ***TBA – Annual Event – Burnfield


  • 5th – Fencing Fest – River Haven
  • 19th – Feast of Friendship – A Very Russian Affair – Stegby


  • 1st-3rd – Crown Tournament – Adora
  • ***2nd – Demo – River Haven
  • 2nd – Fox Tournament – St Florian
  • 9th – RH celebration event
  • 30th-2nd Oct Spring War – Mordenvale


  • ***TBA – Archery Event – Burnfield


  • *** – Coronation
  • 3rd-5th – Beltane Fire Festival – River Haven


  • *** – RH Yule

If you are running an event and would like information advertised on the website please contact the Web Wright with the full details of the event, costs, dates, and contact details.

Please read the following pertaining to virtual events.

Online Event

A scheduled digital activity that is sponsored by an SCA branch. This allows for court to be conducted, awards and announcements to be made, and

registration of some form is required. As defined in Corpora, requirements for participants are still to be upheld:


  1. Requirements for Participants at Society Events  Anyone may attend Society events provided they wear an attempt at pre-17th century clothing,

conform to the provisions in Corpora, and comply with any other requirements (including but not limited to site fees or waivers) which may

be imposed. At business meetings and informal classes, the requirement to wear pre17th century dress may be waived. All participants are expected to

behave in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Event bids and approvals are as per usual – a documented outline to be approved by the committee. If there is a financial aspect to the event, a

discussion must occur with the Kingdom Seneschal.

When considering the approval of an online event, please take the following details into account:

•             Event Details

•             Name of Event

•             Sponsor Group

•             Date:

•             Start Time:

•             End Time:

•             Platform:

•             Event Type: Collegium or other

•             Event Details

•             Steward details:

•             Bookings details (if required)

For variance approval, I will need answers to the following:

•             Will this be a one off event?

•             Is there a potential that court will be held?

•             How will attendance be recorded?

•             Will recording occur?

•             Will there be any participation fees?

Online Activity

A regularly occurring digital activities sponsored by a group, such as Arts and Sciences. The approval for this can be give once if there is

little difference between iterations. These meetings can be advertised on SCA official platforms (such as Facebook and group websites) and may occur

on other platforms listed below, however if there is a variance to the platform, the Group Seneschal and Reeve must approve this via email.

Approval process: approval through a branch council meeting and must

outline the following:

•             Time

•             Day of Week

•             How often

•             Type of activity: Demonstration / interactive discussion using video.

Online Meeting

An regular or irregular meeting that may be designated as a group of people that have a common purpose such as branch councils, guilds and

other SCA sponsored identities. These meetings can be advertised on SCA official platforms (such as Facebook and group websites).

For regular council meetings, minutes and a list of attendees/apologies are still required. There is currently blanket approval for these

meetings, and they must be held as per advertised.

All other meetings may occur as per normal processes.

For all Australian Groups:

• All Australian Branch sponsored events, activities and meetings must include acceptance to the SCA Ltd Code of Conduct at either registration

or sign in.

NOTE: Any meetings that occur on the Lochac Discord server have an acceptance of the SCA Ltd Code of Conduct.

• Registration details (including name, membership number and phone/email) for an online event must be recorded and uploaded in the dropbox. In the

case of minors, the guardian’s contact details must be collected. • You must keep a record of attendance for each activity held.

• This could be a screenshot of participants that can be uploaded into the Dropbox.

Approved platforms:

• Discord

• Lochac YouTube Channel

• Google. Hangouts

• Zoom, and

• Facebook.

All other platforms that are not on this list should be approved by

Masonry and the Kingdom Seneschal.