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Good Neighbour Policy

The barony is licensed to use the hall seven days a week between the hours of 8.00am and 10.00pm. As a courtesy to our nearby neighbours, the following must be adhered to.

At meetings/gatherings held on week nights:

The Brisbane City Council requires us to operate within the bounds of Residential Noise Pollution Laws. This means no loud noise after 9.30pm. Fighter/Rapier practice and archery will stop at 9.30pm and indoor activities will cease by 9.50pm giving 10-30 minutes to pack up and leave the site by 10pm. Please cease activities when requested, do not linger in the hall. Please exit quietly and leave the street precincts without excess noise – no calling out, honking horns or loitering. All in attendance are reminded there are families with young children in the nearby houses as well as elderly neighbours who retire early. Please be considerate with the noise level.

At Weekend Events:

Where we have not applied for an extension of hours of use, the same exit time of 10pm will apply. Event Stewards must notify the Seneschal if they require an extension of hours of use for the hall at least 30 days prior to the event. An application in writing will be sent to the Brisbane City Council. The steward will be advised when the Brisbane City Council has made its decision. This decision will be affected by the number of complaints received from the neighbours within the recent period.

Parking – At all Times:

Please do not park across the T intersection of Wesley and Tobruk Streets. Parking in this vicinity results in less manoeuvrability to others using the intersection. There is ample parking available along Wesley, Tobruk and Swinburn Streets. Please be considerate to local residents.

Parking on the driveway to the hall is reserved for the Baron and Baroness and for anyone unloading a vehicle into the hall.

Special Parking Restriction for Events:

To add to the ambience at events, there should be no vehicles parked on site, including the driveway. Please leave the park frontage in Wesley Street open so that everyone can stop and unload their cars and then park in any of the following places: on the opposite side of Wesley Street, Tobruk and Swinburn Streets.

WA Jolly Park is not to be used for parking as it is against council bylaws.

Some of these restrictions may seem excessive but please keep in mind these small inconveniences for patrons using the hall ensure our neighbours are not inconvenienced.