The aim is to learn about history by recreating it. We study period techniques and apply them in a modern world (considering things such as cost and availability of materials, safety, and our climate). Accuracy is important and we source a range of documentary evidence, including manuscripts, archaeological finds, paintings and sculptures, as well as stories told by the people that lived in those times.

Most classes are conducted fairly informally, and evolve from one or two members researching a new technique, area of interest, or teaching a class that has been taught to them. We cover everything from making garb (clothing), leatherwork, studying games and music, learning medieval dance, fletching, making armour and weaponcraft, calligraphy, food preparation, heraldic design and display, plus a host of other interesting topics.

If you have a any skills or knowledge you would like to share with others,  please feel free to contact Arts & Sciences Officer to arrange a class. Thanks to those who have already come forward to offer classes, support and ideas.

The list for the upcoming A & S activities is below.  Unless otherwise stated they will be held at the River Haven Hall, 35 Wesley St, Lutwyche (Brisbane, Queensland).

Learning the blacksmith’s art. Hatpins with Martin the Blacksmith.

Robin of Twyford’s Basket-weaving class 2018. Much fun had by all.

Upcoming Classes

All classes held at the hall require payment of $5 Hall fee, plus a per night insurance levee of $10 for adult  non members or $5 for non member children. .  Additional material costs as advised on each post.  Bringing along projects for help/advice or just to complete them with good company always welcome.
Sets of Calligraphy and Illumination paints are available to order for $15 if needed, or there is a $2 fee to use Baronial equipment.


Wednesday 5 February, Naalbinding with Mistress Gwynhavvyr. RH Hall 7.30 pm.

Friday 7 February. Demo at Markets at Springfield. Please refer to Longshank’s post for details.

Wednesday February 12. Banners with the Baroness Jocelyn has been postponed due to inclement weather. Calligraphy and Illumination Whitework instead.

Saturday 15 February Red and White.
Competitions: Red and White, Sins and Indulgences. See event page for details and bookings.

Wednesday 19 February. General Meeting

Sunday 23rd February. Requested workshop – 12th century Bliauts (These were worn by both men and women). 10 am at the hall, followed at 3pm by the return of the regular Dance Class.

Wednesday 26 February. Lord Robin of Twyford’s belt class. Blanks have to be ordered and paid for through him beforehand (or provide your own). See his post for details.

Wednesday 4th March. Fibre Class. Tudor Coifs & other simple coifs. . Requirements tba

Wednesday 11 March. Pigmentation Class Banner painting with Baroness Bec.

Important announcement:
Due to the COVID-19 situation all SCA activities are suspended until further notice.  The situation will be re-assessed at a future date. In the meantime you are welcome to head to our Facebook group for ideas and activities.   Thank you for your understanding.  


Useful resource links and groups

Here are some articles published by members (past and present), most hand-outs at classes are copyright to the authors.


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