Tournaments Illuminated

A quarterly publication by SCA Inc.,
Issue 61. Winter 1981 – Issue 133 Winter 2000

Issue #133, Winter 2000

      • “Fealty” by Alban St. Albans
      • “The Crown of Sir Galen” by Madeline MacLachlan
      • “Period Gaming: Pachisi, Pasit, and Chauput” by Rowan O’Sidhe
      • “Bobbin Lace” by Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth

Issue #132, Autumn 1999

      • “The Making of Perry” by Lettice Peyton
      • “Letter to Chlotilde: Women and Thirteenth-Century Medicine” by Bérengère d’Acre
      • “What Does A Lady (Really) Do?” by Elfrida of Greenwalls
      • “Help Wanted” by Alexandre sur le Mer
      • “Mounting Needlework for Framing or Display” by Gabrielle Chasseresse de Chevreuil

Issue #131, Summer 1999

      • “Printing Wisdom: From a Master Printer to his Adopted Son” by Bertram of Bearington
      • “The Ars Dictaminis or Medieval Art of Letter Writing” by Juliana Avenel
      • The Juggler by John Morressy (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)
      • The Medieval Garden by Sylvia Landsberg (book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter)
      • “Galileo’s Telescope Replica” by Peter the Rock and Daniel
      • “Narrowing the Focus: A Different Kind of Event” by Nicolaa de Bracton
      • “Arts and Sciences in the Campground: Natural Dyeing” by Viviana Kirtler

Issue #130, Spring 1999

Issue #129, Winter 1999

      • Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England by Compton Reeves (book review by Rosamund Beauvisage)
      • The Last Apocalypse: Europe at the Year 1000 A.D. by James Reston, Jr. (book review by Midair MacCormaic)
      • “The Guitar in the Middle Ages and Renaissance” by Althea ni Cullaugh
      • “Fiberglass Combat Arrow Construction” by Jon Fitz-Rauf
      • “Chironomy, Chirology, Mime, Gesture and Sign Language Documentation of Sign Language from the Middle Ages” by Charles Butler
      • “The Compleat Cook” by Alys Katharine
      • “Viking Mosaic Beads from Polymer Clay” by Agnes of Whitby
      • “The Babees’ Book: Authenticity Issues and Children’s Activities” by Astriðr Selr Leifsdottir
      • “Coypright Law for the SCA, Part 1: The Law in General” by Morgan Cely Cain

Issue #128, Fall 1998

      • Take A Thousand Eggs or More by Cindy Renfrow, 2nd edition (book review by Alys Katherine)
      • The Art Forger’s Handbook by Eric Hebborn (book review by Vincent the Calculator)
      • For Young Readers: The Baghdad Mission by Sidney & Dorothy Rosen (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)
      • “I Do This Because it is Fun” by Lore MacKay
      • “The Momoyama Rosode” by Awashima Kanoe
      • “Medieval Money” by James Allen
      • “How to Judge Beer” by Ansel the Barrister
      • “The Great Horse Myth — Diminished” by Isabeau Pferdebändiger
      • “Signs of (Past) Times: Getting the Most out of Your Event Signs” by Myfanwy of Ceredigion and Berach de Winterbourne
      • “Coffee: The Wine of Islam” by Aidan Stonepillar
      • “Travel Among the Tartars” by Peotr Alexeivich Novgorodski
      • “The Fox Game” by Rowan O’Sidhe
      • “The History and Use of Cotton” by Laudin d’Ælinor
      • “A Medieval Reader” by Michael Cole

Issue #127, Summer 1998

      • Byzantine Silk Weaving, AD 400 to AD 1200 by Anna Muthesius (book review by Fiadnata ó Glenn Àlainn)
      • For Young Readers: The Beduins’ Gazelle by Frances Temple (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)
      • “Cross Stitch Embroidery in the Middle Ages and Renaissance” by Karen Larsdatter
      • “A Short Treatise on the Art of Limning and Other Diverse Related Arts” by Wolfgang von Roessler
      • “The Use of Vellum” by Brendan Brisbane
      • “Castle Explorers: Hosting Events in Drachenwald Castles and Historical Sites” by Theresa Butler of Cahir and Anne Colet of Carshalton
      • “Payn Perdu” by Tera Dragonstaff
      • “Three Shields and Three Bucklers From One Sheet of Plywood” by Erick der Rotnacken
      • “A Historical Look at the Sport of Angling” by Creador TwineDragon
      • “Hippocras” by Emma of Hambledon
      • “Soothing the Pains of Change: Group Dynamics and the SCA” by Barbarrossa of Westumbria

Issue #126, Spring 1998

      • First Steps in Old English: An Easy to Follow Course for the Beginner and Ærgeweorc: Old English Verse and Prose by Stephen Pollington (book reviews by Isolde de la Ramée)
      • “Lower Leg Armor in the Early 13th Century” by Barok-Baran
      • “On Penning Sonnets in the Fashion of Shakespeare” by Gwendolyn merch Llewelyn
      • “Dulces Reales: Three Desserts from De Nola’s Libro de Cozina” by Vencente Coenca
      • “Knitting Eleanor of Toledo’s Stockings” by Camilla de la Reynarde
      • “The Norwegian Origin of Oil Painting” by Achren of the Debatable Lands
      • “The Muddle of the Woad” by Maria Theresa Ipeñarrieta
      • “Lighting a Viking Home” by Owen Sherard Trahern

Issue #125, Winter 1998

      • Early French Cookery: Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations by D. Eleanor & Terence Scully (book review by Daniel Raoul le Vascon du Navarré)
      • The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings by John Haywood and The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome by Chris Scarre (book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter)
      • The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in the Middle Ages: The British Isles from 500 to 1500 by Sherrilyn Kenyon (book review by Meadhbh ni Bhriain)
      • “The Real Meaning of ‘Ring Around the Rosie'” by Nicolaa de Bracton
      • “A Simple Break-Down Wheelbarrow” by Rowan O’Sidhe
      • “On Dutch Cookery” by Floris van Montfort and Hannah of Hanecnolle
      • “Basic Heat Treatment of Steel” by Eadwynne of Runedun
      • “Period Performance” by John Lyttleton
      • “Pyrography” by Miriam bas Levi
      • “Not by Swords Alone: Being an Exposition on Spears and Javelins” by Lonergan Fionn O’Flaherty
      • “A Period Laurel Ceremony” by Deirdre O’Siodhachain
      • “The Rear End of the Story” by Achsa de Beresford

Issue #124, Fall 1997

      • Textiles, Cordage, and Raw Fibre from 16-22 Coppergate by Penelope Walton (book review by RoseMary Fleury FitzHugh)
      • The Book of Chivalry of Geoffroi de Charny: Text, Context and Translation by Richard W. Kaeuper and Elspeth Kennedy (book review by Finvarr de Taahe)
      • “Period Gaming: Morris Games” by Rowan O’Sidhe
      • “An Overview of Glass Beads” by Mellitus of Rouncivale
      • “The Work of Angels: The Design and Production of Hiberno-Saxon Manuscripts” by Fræ Fitzalleyne
      • “A German Meal from the Fourteenth Century” by Kateryn de Develyn
      • “Floor-standing Band Looms” by Ingvild Josefsdatter
      • “Drinking Vessels (Mostly Glass) of the Middle Ages” by Siglinde Harfnerstochter
      • “William Marshal: Flower of Chivalry” by Iseaubail de Bohun
      • “The Hunting of the Boar of Dunadd” by Gwernin Kyuarwyd
      • “The Burden of the Crown: Ceremonies as Binding Rituals” by Alexandre sur le Mer
      • “You Want To Help Out” by Rosalind O’Maughan

Issue #123, Summer 1997

      • Plants and People: Economic Botany in Northern Europe AD 800-1800 ed. J.H. Dickson and R.R. Mill (book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter)
      • Sources for Medieval Gardens (multiple book review by Yseult of Broceliande)
      • Constructing Medieval Furniture by Daniel Diehl (book review by Dafydd ap Gwystl)
      • “Constructing a Fifteenth-Century Bench” (excerpt from Diehl’s Constructing Medieval Furniture)
      • “Alquerque, Fierges, and Force: Period Board Games” by Rowan O’Sidhe
      • “Large Caul Pattern to Crochet” contributed by S. Zeigler
      • “Top Ten German Male Names From Das Hausbuch der Mendelschen” by Negham “Kestral” MacLachlan
      • “An Arabic Style Alphabet” by Shajar al-Yaasmeen
      • “Coursing with Greyhounds” by Beowulf Gordon
      • “Rune Songs” by Èowyn Amberdrake
      • “Aztec Cooking: A Short History with Recipes” by Gwenhwyvar Lawen fitz Herbert
      • “The Burden of the Crown: Royalty as a Role” by Alexandre sur le Mer
      • “The Nastycrat: It’s a Tough Job But Someone’s Got to Do It” by Scotti mac Curraugh
      • “On Making and Using the Medieval Hand Sling” by Brennus Mac an Bhaird

Issue #122, Spring 1997

Issue #121, Winter 1997

      • The Portable Medieval Reader ed. James Bruce Ross and Mary Martin McLaughlin (book review by Richard the Poor of Ely)
      • The Crusades by Zoe Oldenbourg (book review by Richard the Poor of Ely)
      • A Sip Through Time: A Collection of Old Brewing Recipes by Cindy Renfrow (book review by Meredydd ferch Owain ap Eliseg)
      • “A Dozen Do’s and Don’ts for Newcomers, Plus Two for Parents” by Alys Katharine
      • “Dye Recipes from the Innsbruck Manuscript” by Drea di Pellegrini
      • “A Note on Early Morris Dance” by Vladislav the Purple
      • “Courting and Dancing” by Emma of Hambeldon
      • “Euphemisms in the SCA” by Aldric von Baden
      • “Love and Walls: A Trio of Sestinas” by Arthur FitzEdgar
      • “King’s Table: Game of the Noble Scandinavians” by Gunnora Hallakarva
      • “Creating New Recipes in a Period Style” by Ginevra Francesca Pallucchini
      • “The Art of Telling Stories to SCA Children” by Mælon the Sailor
      • “The Burden of the Crown: A Charge to the Fighters” by Alexandre sur le Mer
      • “Etcetera: Kingdom of the Outlands” by Jessa d’Avondale

Issue #120, Fall 1996

Issue #119, Summer 1996

Issue #118, Spring 1996

Issue #117, Winter 1996

Issue #116, Fall 1995

Issue #115, Summer 1995

      • “Heraldic Practices and the Submissions Process” by Da’ud ibn Auda
      • “The Behourdium Tradition: Historical Precedence for SCA Combat” by Michael de Lacy
      • “So You Want A Period Encampment?” by Michael de Lacy
      • “Heralding a Royal Court or How to Keep Your Head …” by Susan MacGregor
      • “Garb for a Twelfth Century Lady” by Richard Wymarc
      • “The Complete Fool Primer” by Malinda Angelanne Elkhaven

Issue #114, Spring 1995

      • “The Celtic Chariot Revisited” by Morgan of Yarnvid
      • “Land and Feudalism in Medieval England” by Rosamund Beauvisage
      • The Complete Medicinal Herbal by Penelope Ody (book review by Ealasaid MacDonald)
      • “Etcetera: Kingdom of Caid” by Jessa d’Avondale

Issue #113, Winter 1995

Issue #112, Fall 1994

Issue #111, Summer 1994

Issue #110, Spring 1994

Issue #109, Winter 1993

      • “Etcetera: The Kingdom of the East and the Principality of Æthelmearc” by Jessa d’Avondale
      • “Etiquette in Dance Manuals of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries” by Janelyn of Fenmere
      • “About Marzipan” by Alys Katherine
      • “Fast Days in the English Medieval Year” by Johanna Dudley
      • “Honey Drink and Steppuny” by Elena ate Weyhacche
      • “The Bliaut: A Reconstruction Based on Primary Source Material” by Rowena le Sarjent
      • “De Artificibus: On Dealing with Trouble” by Niccola Sebastiani
      • “SCA Hospitality: Courtesy for Guests and Hosts” by Marian Loresinger

Issue #108, Fall 1993

      • “The Use of Bees and the Practice of Beekeeping in Medieval Times” by Elliot Ashenstaff
      • “Jupons, Jacks, and Arming Coats” by Gavin Malcoeur
      • Four Classical and Early Medieval Herbals: An Ancient Egyptian Herbal by Lise Manniche, Enquiry Into Plants by Theophrastus, Natural History: A Selection by Pliny the Elder, and Canon by Avicenna (book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter)
      • The Heliand: A Saxon Gospel trans. G. Ronald Murphy (book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter)
      • Two Late Period Herbals: Culpeper’s Complete Herbal by Nicholas Culpeper and Gerald’s Herball: the Essence thereof distilled by Marcus Woodward from the Edition of Th. Johnson, 1636, by John Gerard, ed. Marcus Woodward (book review by Agnes de Lanvallei)
      • “Running a Tournament by King René’s Rules” by Galleron de Cressy
      • “The Archer King’s Sestina” by Gyrth Oldcastle
      • “Medieval Helmet Crests” by Karl von Nordmark
      • “Scroll Coloring” by Eleazar ha-Levi and Osnah Rachel bat Eleazar ha-Levi
      • “An Easy-to-Build, Period-Style Trestle Table” by Ælfric of Sarisberie
      • “A Simple Medieval Hood” by Richenda Cameron

Issue #107, Summer 1993

Issue #106, Spring 1993

      • “The Dawn of SCA Architecture” by Arlof O’Donovae
      • “Period Pasteboard Games” by Giovanni Fontananero
      • “Etcetera: West Kingdom” by Jessa d’Avondale
      • “An English Coin Balance” by Beowulf Gordon
      • “De Artificibus: On Documentation” by Niccola Sebastiani
      • “Reverie: On the Background and Form of the Qasidah” by Saqra al-Kudsi
      • “Suggestions to the Scribe” by Austrechild von Mondsee
      • “Teenagers” by Marian Loresinger
      • “The Mysterious Cheesecake: Platina and Martino’s White Torta” by Gwyneth Banfhidhleir
      • “Research Sources and Methods: The Early English Text Society” by Elizabeth Bennett
      • “An Easy Archery Target” by Morgan Bloodaxe
      • “Weaving Medieval Fabric: Wool Diamond Twills from the First to the Twelfth Centuries in Europe” by Nicolette Bonhomme
      • “Courtly Culture: Literature and Society in the High Middle Ages” by Eithne ni Cheallaigh Thirchonaill

Issue #105, Winter 1992

      • “Reverie Upon My Love While Studying” by Alisandre Oliphant
      • “It Is Called A Miracle Play Because … One Woman’s Guide to Drama in These Later Middle Ages” by Bronwyn Jourdemaine
      • “De Artificibus: On Making Test Pieces” by Niccola Sebastiani
      • “An Islamic Dinner” by Elizabeth of Dendermonde
      • “Safety Under Ten” by Alizaunde de Bregeuf
      • Inventing the Middle Ages: The Lives, Works, and Ideas of the Great Medievalists of the Twentieth Century (book review by Hossein Ali Qomi)
      • “To Dye a Very Beautiful Scarlet” by Elayne Courtenay
      • “A Song for the Twelfth Night Season” by Vladislav the Purple
      • “Research Sources and Methods: Recent Books on Medieval Crafts” by Elizabeth Bennett
      • “A 15th Century Gingerbread Recipe” by Sincgiefu Waerfaest
      • “Heraldry Enframed” by Èowyn Amberdrake
      • “Peers Errant” by Cariadoc of the Bow
      • “Song For One Who Lamented Sorely That He Was Not A Peer” by Dorigen of the Grey Gate

Issue #104, Fall 1992

      • “De Artificibus: On Rejecting Unlikely Information” by Niccola Sebastiani
      • “Interlibrary Loan” by Cedrin Etainnighean
      • “Children in the Society” by Elizabeth Bennett
      • “From the Arts and Sciences Office” by Camilla Genevra di Capri
      • “Writing Poetry in the Current Middle Ages” by Deirdre O’Siodhachain
      • “Construction of the Medieval Knightly Shield” by Karl von Nordmark
      • “Mead for the Masses” by Alexander Mareschal
      • “The Silver Penny: An Introduction to the Moneyer’s Art” by Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen
      • “Medieval Tournament Prizes” by Galleron de Cressy
      • “SCA Slang for Modern Conveniences” by Ioseph of Locksley
      • “Jewelers’ Tools for $2.09 a Pound” by Einar Lutemaker
      • “Novgorod: City of Merchants” by Anton Mikhailevich Rosov
      • “Munition Armor of the Early Sixteenth Century” by Michael de Lacy
      • “Res Publica: Democratic Elements in Medieval Life” by Finvarr de Taahe

Issue #103, Summer 1992

      • Tabletweaving: History, Techniques, Colors, Patterns by Egon Hansen (book review by Birgit av Birka)
      • “Garb: An Anachronistic Word” by Kenneth Lyon of the Curr
      • Take A Thousand Eggs or More by Cindy Renfrow (book review by Fritz Justus Fritz)
      • “Medieval Toys for Children” by Mairi Rhianna nam Beann
      • “Sugar Paste: A Cook’s Play Dough” by Alys Katherine
      • “Marbled Paper” by Oswald von dem Grunwald
      • “Mumming” by Catrin o’r Rhyd For
      • “Canning for SCA Feasts” by Camilla de la Reynarde, la Droitier
      • “A Rope Bed” by Will Langdon of Greymorne

Issue #102, Spring 1992

Issue #101, Winter 1991

Issue #100, Fall 1991

      • “Welcome to the SCA” by Haldana Jensdottir
      • “To Wear the Purple” by Tamera Fitzgloucestre of the White Boar
      • “A True History of the Twenty-Fourth Ansteorran Crown Tournament” by Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd
      • “A Question of Fealty” by Bevin Fraser of Stirling
      • “On The Continuity of Tradition” by Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin
      • “To Make a Ferret Pye” by Bronwyn Jourdemaine
      • “You Mean, There Has to Be A Point to a Demo?” by Nicholaus der Auslander
      • “Lately It Occurs To Me” by Frederick of Holland
      • “The Hobby of Kings” by Mikhail Reubenovic Kopaczewski
      • “Consensus: Getting Things Done in the SCA” by Gareth Tancred Wilfrith
      • “About This ‘Dream’ Business” by Timothy Garagchain o’Leitrim

Issue #99, Summer 1991

      • “What Constitutes a Name”
      • “Marzipan Grapes”
      • “Sugar Coated Grapes”
      • Lovesickness in the Middle Ages (book review by Hilary of Serendip)
      • “Late Medieval Rosaries” by Elizabeth Bennett
      • “Creating the Special-Interest Newsletter” by Alison MacDermot
      • “Let the Buyer Beware, or How to Avoid Starving and Still Get What You Want” by Rosalinde De Witte
      • “A Not-So-Dainty Dish” by Caterina de Forza d’Agro
      • “May It Please Your Worship” by Daibhid “Ruadh” MacLachlan
      • “The Flame” by Dorigen of the Grey Gate
      • “How to Succeed at Pennsic Troll Booth”
      • “A Soup of Mushrooms and Leeks” by Allyn O’Dubhda
      • “Sundials” by Camber of Ambrieres
      • Life in a Medieval Village (book review by Roderick Ian O’Connell)
      • “So You Want to Run a Demo?” by Nicholaus der Auslander

Issue #98, Spring 1991

      • “The Medieval Seder” by Eleazar ha-Levi
      • “A Combat Arrow” by Hywyn ap Gwynedd
      • “A Brief Glimpse of the 16th Century Mariner” by Liadaine of Cul Mor
      • “Running a Medieval Tournament” by Galleron de Cressy
      • “Banners for Beginners” by Eirika Francesca Pacchioni
      • “Some Thoughts on Staying In Persona” by Daibhid “Ruadh” MacLachlan

Issue #97, Winter 1990

      • “Gingerbread Cookie Decorations” by Bethia O’Tighearnaigh
      • “Saint Nicholas and the Christmas Demons” by Eadwynne of Runedun
      • “A Recipe for Ising Puddings” by Johanna Dudley
      • “Banner Staffs” by Tagan the Talesmythe
      • “Safety, Sanitation, and Hygiene in the SCA Kitchen” by Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius
      • “O iunkfru skon: A Poem in Fourteenth Century Swedish” by Rodbert Rudulfsson

Issue #96, Fall 1990

      • “Elegy for an Anciente Kynge” by Yrsa Ivarsdottir
      • “Cat Got Your Scroll?” by Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner
      • “Another Look at Writing and Speaking Forsoothly” by Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen
      • “The Head Knife: A Craftsman’s Tool” by Brighid O’Maine
      • “Some Recipes of al-Andalus” by Joshua ibn-Eleazar ha-Shalib
      • “Choosing a Medieval Name” by Arval Benicoeur
      • A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration, and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and in All Times (book review)
      • “Recreating the Mente” by Geta Alexandra din Wallachia and Isvan din Brasov
      • A Guide to Library Research Methods (book review by Bogdan Illich Volknoi)
      • “The Celtic Chariot” by Morgan Wolfsinger

Issue #95, Summer 1990

      • “A Blackwork Cap” by Eowyn of Kincora
      • “Period Dolls” by Mairi Rhiana nam Beann
      • “We Do It With Mirrors” by Miriam Rachel bat Mordechai
      • “Transfer Ink for Embroidery” by Leonie de Grey
      • “Advice to Newcomers” and “Advice to Established Members” by Alys Katherine
      • “What’s In A Name: The Hennin” by Ann of Hendon
      • A History of Private Life (Book review by Simon von der Eisenhandlung)
      • “Medieval Bookbinding” by Cynric of Bedwyn
      • “Sweet Summer’s Roses” by Guimora
      • Le Viander de Taillevent: 14th Century Cookery (book review by Ariel of Caer Myrddin)

Issue #94, Spring 1990

Issue #93, Winter 1989

      • “An Early Period Shoe” by Genevieve Simone Christiane Buchanon
      • “Yet Another Medicinal Herbal” by Fithir Gormlaith Murrough
      • “A Welsh Card Game of the Tudor Era” by Brusten de Bearsul
      • “Silverpoint” by Maritsa Milovich
      • “On Spices and Substitutions” by Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius
      • “Making Pinch Pots” by Brielle Scianna Breacca
      • “The European Witch Hunt” by Mairi Rhianna nam Beann
      • “What Do Our Arms Lack?” by Mikhail Reubenovic Kopaczewski
      • “Journeyman’s Quill and Inkwell” by Rory va Riada/Brighid O’Maine
      • “Opus Anglicanum” by Cateline de la Mor

Issue #92, Fall 1989

      • “Danserye: Bardic Synergy” by Sula von Pferdenthal
      • “Shoffe Grotte” by Cathal Sean o Connlauin
      • “The Book of Letters” by Robert Whitcome of Brandywine
      • “Oliphants, Rommelpots, Racketts and Some Other Unusual Early Instruments” by Gabriel du Renard
      • “Inviting ‘Media Rex’ to your Event” by Timothy Garagchan O’Leitrim
      • “A Basic Late-Period Shirt” by Randwulf Witlac of Axed Root
      • “Of Circles and Kings: Two Easy-to-Learn Chess Variants” by Roberto de Jerez
      • “Fermented Flax Paper” by Thomann Shadan Secarius
      • “The Chiseled Word” by Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen
      • “Some 16th Century Border Patterns for Blackwork Embroidery” by Brighid ni Chiarain of Tethba
      • “Coronation Pavane” by Thomas of Dinbucyh

Issue #91, Summer 1989

      • “Tent Fires” by Hawk James Galloway
      • “Medieval Spoons” by Caterina Leonora de Forza d’Agro
      • “Boffers” by Beth Carpenter of Rye
      • “Decorative Heraldry” by Ioseph of Locksley
      • “Noble Archery” by Abd-al-Sehaam
      • “Powdered Sugar” by Alys Katharine
      • “Fit to Fight” by Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner
      • “A Pressing Engagement” by Alexander Mareschal
      • The Colour Cauldron: The History and Use of Natural Dyes in Scotland by Su Grierson (book review by Siobhan ni Filidheacht)
      • “The Enchanted Ground” by Cariadoc of the Bow
      • The Book of the Medieval Knight (book review by John Burgolyon de la Kinghei)
      • “A Semi-Circular Tabard” by Randwulf Witlac of Axed Root
      • “Crannogs” by Robert of Ferness
      • “Cheeses: A History” by Marcia of Jarrow Motte

Issue #90, Spring 1989

      • “Stitches in Time” by Caterina da Monticello
      • “Of Squires and Other Military Matters” by Kenneth de Lyon
      • “Sestina I” by Dorigen of the Grey Gate
      • “The Nocturnal” by Camber of Ambrii
      • “Women Gladiators in the Roman Empire”
      • “Elizabethan Pomander” by Amytis de Fontaine
      • “Vegetarianism” by Kyran O’Rady
      • “Medieval Words” by Kiera Haefoc
      • “A Siberian Dance” by Perkuk Gilgehjeh
      • “Want to Hear a Good Story?”
      • “Practical Preparation for Period Feasts” by Judith of Kirtland
      • “The Bond of the Master” by Rosanore of Redthorn
      • “Living History on the Endangered List” by Helmut of Greenland
      • “As It Was or As It Should Have Been” by Richard of Seahaven and Megan Silverstar
      • “Tourney Dogs” by Anastajia Ludmillia Krasnovolkov
      • “The Temporary Pict” by Aervin ni Earain o Chonemara
      • “Gold Key Desperation” by Elspeth Henley
      • “The Game of Kings” by James of Penmore
      • “Berserkergang” by Gunnora Hallakarva
      • “Charoset” by Eleazar ha-Levi

Issue #89, Winter 1988

      • “The Period English Kitchen: Its Contents and Technology” by Judith of Kirtland
      • “A Sad Ballade” by Esperanza Halevi
      • “How to Pedigree Your Well-Bred Loaf” by Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius
      • “Eggplant with Cheese” by Nige of the Cleftlands, with assistance from Mathilde Meyer
      • “The Waterbearer’s Friend” by Labhriunn de Ramsay
      • Tudor and Jacobean Tournaments (book review by Dawyd z Gury)
      • The Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (book review by Annaliese Whitcomb of Brandywine)
      • “Viking Research Source List” by Roark Wulfkynde the Peacock
      • “A Fifteenth Century Gift Box” by Clare de Crecy
      • “Scrounging Around” by Maree the Slightly Improper
      • “The Scribe’s Sojourn From His Love” by Johannes von Nurenstein

Issue #88, Fall 1988

      • “A Sonnet” by Gabriel du Renard
      • “To Her Clever Gallant (Reply: To His Coy Mistress)” by Christine de Waughe
      • “Chivalry … Off The Field”
      • “Simple Costume Care, Part 2: Stain Removal” by Siobhan Medhbh O’Roarke
      • “Drawing the Lindisfarne Dogs” by Èowyn Amberdrake
      • “The Beasts of Durham” by Èowyn Amberdrake
      • “Brewing from Grain” by Thaalabi uc defa Dokuntu
      • “The Mortgage of the Orkneys and the Shetlands” by Alastriona nic Choinnich O Ghleann Carron
      • An Autocrat’s Handbook, 2nd Ed. (book review by Kale Harlansson of Gotland)
      • “Cutlery” by Catherine de Leon
      • “Viking Headdress” by Cateline de la Mor
      • French Recipes of Mathilde Brunel (book review by Tsivia bas Tamara v’Amberview)
      • “An Archer’s Bibliography” by Francis Goodfellow
      • “Going to War” by Gareth of Bloodwine Gorge

Issue #87, Summer 1988

      • “In Search of Lost Pigments” by Megan n’ Laine de Belle Rive
      • “Medieval Glass Making” by Eric of Telemark
      • “Keeping Up Appearances” by Siobhan Medhbh O’Roarke
      • “A Payre of Bodys: Tudor Corsets” by Ciorstan NicDonal MacAmhlaidh
      • “The Evolution of Early Anglo-Saxon Coinage” by Thorfin Halfdan
      • A War Story: Estrella A.S. XX by Jenna of SouthWind
      • “Occupational Heraldry” by Alison nic Dermot
      • “The Bond of the Apprentice” by Alisandre Oliphant
      • “A Little Can’t Hurt: Alcoholism and the SCA”
      • “Scroungeology: The Fine Art of Finding What You Want — Cheap!” by TSivia bas Tamara v’Amberview
      • “Doing Research in the Country Your Persona Calls Home” by Rhiannon y Glas
      • “Ignis Amoris: The Fires of Love” by Kellyn Firesinger
      • “Gon Wind Foh Sho: The Book of Five Dings” by John the Bearkiller
      • “A Crown Roast: Recipe for a King” by Eric Silverhand

Issue #86, Spring 1988

      • “A Source for Brewers and Vintners” by Thomann Shadan Secarius
      • “Sonnet to a Fool” by Sionann Muirgen n’ Dhomnhall
      • “Acquiring a Period Cookbook Library” by Jaelle of Armida
      • “For Cooks and Cookery Scholars” by Lyndia of Woodlyn
      • “Some Recyts” by Cariadoc of the Bow
      • “What If …” by B’la of Eastmarch
      • “Filking” by Roselyne d’Angleterre
      • “Concepts of Anglo-Saxon Law” by Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis
      • “What The Handbooks Don’t Tell You” by Arvad Wendall
      • “On Being a Local Officer” by Gwynfer Lwyd
      • “Decking Out the Golden Hinde” by Eilidh nic Alpin
      • “Practical Combat Footwear” by Aeruin ni hEarain o Chonnemara

Issue #85, Winter 1987

      • “The Marshal’s Baton: Combat Archery” by Thomann Shadan Secarius
      • “Ancestry of the Violin” by Frederick von Wolkenstein
      • “Riddle: A Lady Who Is Worshipped by a Knight” by Dorigen of the Grey Gate
      • “Sonnet XI: Heart’s Ease” by Dorigen of the Grey Gate
      • “Spanish Costuming Circa 1200: The Pamplona Bible” by Henry Percival Kempe
      • “A Table and Bench Design” by Ralg Nilsen
      • “Tricks for Better Archery” by Wolf Peacemaker
      • “A Detailed Coif Pattern” by Denys de Caergwen
      • “There Were No Elves, But There Were Elf-Names” by Urien ap Medraut
      • “Obscure Origins of Familiar Christmas Carols” by Julia of the Forest
      • “Obscure Origins of Familiar ‘Christmas Carols’: Rebuttal” by Keridwen of Montrose
      • “A Stone Circle for Glasgow” by Duncan Lunan

Issue #84, Fall 1987

      • “The Sinister Scribe: Tips for Left-Handed Calligraphers and for Right-Handers Attempting to Teach Them” by Aleksandra de Accipitre
      • “Practically Fighter-Proof Surcotes” by Aervin nih Earain o Chonemara
      • “The Home Quilted Gambeson” by Camilia la Droitier
      • “To Prepare a Most Honorable Feast” by Cariadoc of the Bow
      • “I Daresay I Dislike It!” by Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd
      • “A Dance for the Current Middle Ages” by Gwidia Arrowcastre
      • The James A De Rothschild Collection at Wadesdon Manor by L. M. J. Delaisse, James Morrow, and John de Wit (book review by Maximilian von Wolfenberg)
      • The Folk of the Air by Peter S. Beagle (book review by Hilary of Serendip)
      • Murder at the War by Mary M. Pulver (book review by Hilary of Serendip)
      • The Medieval Archer by Jim Bradbury (book review by Denys de Caergwen)
      • “Period Chess: History, Forms, and Variations” by Da’ud ibn Auda

Issue #83, Summer 1987

      • “A Greatsword Primer, Part Two” by Thomann Shadan Secarius
      • “Cyning, Cwenec Scop, and Theign: Poetical Views of Anglo-Saxon Society” by Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis
      • 1066: The Year of the Conquest (book review by Joshua ibn-Eleazar ha-Shalib)
      • “Queen Jane’s Cuffs” by Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh
      • “Eadfrith’s Aviforms: Lindisfarne Gospel” by Èowyn Amberdrake
      • “Aviforms from Kells” by Èowyn Amberdrake
      • “The Bliaut: A New Perspective on Pattern and Cut” by Rosemounde of Mercia
      • “Juggling and the Subjective Records of Physical Skills” by LeifTameon Carlsefnisson
      • “Meandering History” by Tiberius Eriksson
      • “Sonnet: On My Lord’s Sojourn in Drachenwald” by Marian Greenleaf
      • “Arroz con Miel” by Gershom ibn Zabara
      • “Celtic Design Music” by Fiona O’Mull

Issue #82, Spring 1987

      • Performing Medieval and Renaissance Music: An Introductory Guide by Elizabeth V. Phillips and John-Paul Christopher Jackson (book review by Isaac de Hugo)
      • Dictionary of the Middle Ages, Joseph R. Strayer, editor-in-chief (book review by Estrildis ferch Rhys)
      • “English Morris Dancing and the Romanian Calushari” by Istan din Brasov and Greta Alexandra din Wallachia
      • “The Insular Gospel Books” by Gwidia Arrowcastre
      • “Taillefer’s Song” by Bertram of Bearington
      • “A Blazoned Rondeau” by Ruth of the Far North
      • “Phoenix Rondeau” by Ruth of the Far North
      • “The Making of Melomels and Flower Metheglins: A Guide for the Beginning Brewer/Vintner” by Thomann Shadan Secarius
      • “Jewish Heraldic Usage During the Middle Ages and Renaissance” by Therasia von Tux
      • “The Calendar of Medieval Europe” by Anton of Winteroak
      • “A Guide for the Totally Inept”

Issue #81, Winter 1986

Issue #80, Fall 1986

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Issue #79, Summer 1986

      • “Historic Undertakings”
      • “A Tablet Weaving Loom” by William the Frogge and Elaine Bel Monte
      • “Heraldry for Scribes” by Éowyn Amberdrake
      • “To Be King” by Lars Vilhjalmsson
      • “To Be Queen” by Mary Elizabeth Howard
      • “A Good Mac is Hard to Find: Some Notes on Gaelic Naming Conventions” by Mairghread-Ros FitzGarret of Desmond
      • “Beginning Anachronism” by William Arkham
      • “Traditional Celtic Music” by Patriag Mac Suibhne
      • From the Neck Up: An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking (book review by Caterina da Monticello)
      • Patterns of Fashion: The Art of Construction of Clothes for Men and Women 1560-1620 (book review by Audelindis de Rheims)
      • “Fishing Forsoothly”

Issue #78, Spring 1986

      • “Clove Lemon: The True Story” by Alexandre sur le Mer
      • “A Portable Firepit” by Frederick of Holland
      • “Practical Pomanders” by TSivia bas Tamara v’Amberview
      • “A Period Chair” by William of the Shire
      • “A Cautionary Note” by William the Lucky
      • “How to Cook an SCA Feast and Stay on Budget” by Jaelle of Armida
      • “The Lyric Poems of Gil Vicente” by Dietrich Wencelas von Brandeis
      • “Bejewelled and Bedazzled Cloven Fruit” by Caterina Leonora de Forza d’Agro
      • “In Search of the Elusive Dulcimer” by Selene of the Sky
      • “Burial Song” by Deorwulf se Deorc
      • “The Seneschal’s Song” by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn
      • “The Rules of the Lists” by Siegfried von H’flichkeit

Issue #77, Winter 1985

      • “A Tourney Table” by Siegfried von H’flichkeit and Merewyn de Lyonesse
      • “The Fourteenth Century Madrigal” by Leah di Estera
      • “Haggis dell’Amore” by Signy Dimmridaela
      • “Notes on French Heraldry” by Honore Pierre d’Ardres
      • “Ballade: The Sunflower” by Dorigen of the Grey Gate
      • “The Chivalric Opposition” by Oskar of Jerusalem
      • “The Horns of Hattin” by Mairi Rhianna nam Beann
      • “Asian Stories to Read Out Loud” by Lao Xue-sheng
      • Bone, Antler, Ivory & Horn: The Technology of Skeletal Materials Since the Roman Period (book review by Siobhan ni Filidheacht)
      • “Riddles” by Goldwyn of Britain
      • “Ruritanian Purple Feathers and Other Problems of Documentation” by Audelindis de Rheims and Caterina da Monticello
      • “Eight Gills of Galls: Being a Chronicle of the Alchemical Manufacture of Ink” by Atanielle Unesse

Issue #76, Fall 1985

      • “How to Train Fighters” by William the Lucky
      • “Medieval and Renaissance Lace and Embroidery Patterns and Pattern Books” by Airmid Godwin
      • “Five Easy Chemises from Mundane Patterns” by Elizabeth Tremayne
      • “Tempting the Period Palate, or, Can Wine Be Period and Taste Good?” by Prisilka od Cerveny Kamen the Sensible
      • “Medieval Monster Mix and Match” by Éowyn Amberdrake
      • “The Saints of Autumn” by Marya Nordama

Issue #75, Summer 1985

      • “What Does a Barbarian Wear?” by Mairi Rhianna nam Beann
      • “The Host of Heatherwyne Training Manual” by Yaroslav the Persistent and Philip of Meadhe
      • “Rattan — and Beyond” by Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland
      • “Medieval Childhood: An Alternate View” by William de Corbie
      • “The Saints of Summer” by Marya Nordama
      • “Romances of Medieval Spain” by Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis
      • “An Overtly Shakespearean Sonnet” by Goldwyn of Britain
      • “The Practical Problems of Aligning Standing Stones” by Atanielle Unesse

Issue #74, Spring 1985

      • “Congratulations, My Lord! Your Arms Have Passed” by Nige of the Cleftlands
      • “Gregorian Chant: An Overview” by Airleas of the Northern Gales
      • “… And the Exercise Will Keep You Warm (Period Firestarters)” by Wolf Peacemaker
      • “The Saints of Spring” by Marya Nordama
      • “Parum clares, lucem dare: Titles of Nobility” by Nige of the Cleftlands
      • “Princess and Peasant” by Beatrix of Die
      • “Sonnets” by TSivia bas Tamara v’Amberview
      • “Silent Heraldry” by Thea Gabrielle Northernridge
      • “Effects of the Crusades on Jewish Communities in Northern Europe and the Holy Land” by TSivia bas Tamara v’Amberview
      • “Throwing Axes for SCA Wars” by Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland
      • “A Cook Book Bibliography” by Jaelle of Armida
      • “Medieval Garb for the Compleat Beginner” by Einar Lutemaker
      • “The Construction of a Simple Rope Bed or Many Strings Attached” by Bartholemew of Wolfetwain
      • “Reply to Petrarch” by Beatrix of Die
      • The Deer Abbey Pamphlet Series by Margaret of Shaftesbury (review by Bertram of Bearington)

Issue #73, Winter 1984

      • “Upon Giving and Receiving Favors” by Tessa of the Gardens
      • “The Mercenary’s Lesson” by Gareth of Bloodwine Gorge
      • “Robin Hood” by Philippa de Netheringham
      • “Boing, Boing, Boing: The Jew’s Harp” by Francis of Saxony
      • “The Corsairs of Algiers and the Ottoman Empire 1500-1544” by Estrildis ferch Rhys
      • “Tarock, the Tarot Game” by Arminius Aquilinus
      • “Bookshelf for Younglings” by Philippa de Netheringham
      • “Working Horn for SCA Projects” by Angus Rea an dubh
      • “The Saints of Winter” by Marya Nordama
      • “Pomanders and Pouncet-Boxes: Fashion Accessories That Make Scents” by Eldric de Charbonneau
      • “A Short Discourse Upon the History of the Club” by <a href=””%