The aim is to learn about history by recreating it. We study period techniques and apply them in a modern world (considering things such as cost and availability of materials, safety, and our climate). Accuracy is important and we source a range of documentary evidence, including manuscripts, archaeological finds, paintings and sculptures, as well as stories told by the people that lived in those times.

Most classes are conducted fairly informally, and evolve from one or two members researching a new technique, area of interest, or teaching a class that has been taught to them. We cover everything from making garb (clothing), leatherwork, studying games and music, learning medieval dance, fletching, making armour and weaponcraft, calligraphy, food preparation, heraldic design and display, plus a host of other interesting topics.

If you have a any skills or knowledge you would like to share with others,  please feel free to contact Arts & Sciences Officer to arrange a class. Thanks to those who have already come forward to offer classes, support and ideas.

The list for the upcoming A & S activities is below.  Unless otherwise stated they will be held at the River Haven Hall, 35 Wesley St, Lutwyche (Brisbane, Queensland).



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Here are some articles published by members (past and present), most hand-outs at classes are copyright to the authors.  Links to be updated.






Upcoming Classes

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Basket weaving class.

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Beginner’s introduction to the Smith’s art.


All classes held at the hall require payment of $5 Hall fee, plus a per night insurance levee of $5 for non members.  Additional material costs as advised on each post.  Bringing along projects for help/advice or just to complete them with good company always welcome.
Sets of Calligraphy and Illumination paints are available to order for $15 if needed, or there is a $2 fee to use Baronial equipment.


22nd.  Martin the Blacksmith’s Hatpin class.  Most materials supplied, you will require old clothes and gloves (hot work, so leather gloves preferred) and whatever beads you wish to decorate your pin with.  1.5mm hole preferred.  Usual hall and insurance fees apply.

29th.  UFO’s and Largesse.  (For those confused, UFO is SCAdian for an Un Finished Object – those pesky pieces tucked away and not finished yet or needing some help/advice to get completed.  Largesse is gifts.  Usually small items made and donated to the Barony or Kingdom to help fill a need.) Usual hall and insurance fees apply.

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Some of the items made during classes.


5th.  This month only Calligraphy and Illumination moves from the second week to the first week of the month, and Fibre Arts to second week. Usual hall and insurance fees apply.

12th.  Warping a loom with Mistress Gwynhavvyr.

19th.  General Meeting night.  Welcome to bring projects for help/advice.  Usual hall and insurance fees apply.

26th.  How to make a medieval quill from a feather.  All materials will be supplied and you will get to keep your quill, though if you want to bring ink and paper to test it would be helpful.


3rd:  Mending and Altering your Garb.  Some of us may have put on a bit of weight (or lost it), children have grown taller, you have picked up a fantastic piece second hand which doesn’t quite fit (or suit your period), your trim is getting a bit tatty or your favourite piece has developed “Festi-trim” or small holes.  In medieval times, cloth was so difficult to make that clothing was not usually thrown away, but rather mended or upcycled.  We will have a chat about period ways of mending, including how to darn cloth, changing trims, adding in pieces or taking an item in or up.

10th:  Calligraphy and Illumination.  Playing Cards.  $2 per set plus small fee to use Barony’s paints if needed.

17th:  General Meeting.

24th:  Making a “Magic Book”.  These are used for hiding mundane devices such as phones and ipads.  For those of us who are merchants or on troll (gate duty), list officers, those who want to take pics, and those who’s job or life require being contactable, they allow these devices to not visually impinge on the medieval air.  You will require:

  • Your device (Ipad, phone, etc – not your heraldry).
  • A book which is deeper than and aprox 2-5cm larger around than your device.  Cheap as possible because you will be cutting it up.  Out of date diaries and journals are perfect.  It is helpful if you glue or gluestick the pages to each other around the edges beforehand so they have time to dry (don’t glue the middle because it will make it harder to cut).
  • something to cover the book with – you can use leather or fabric, if you have never covered a book let me know so I can tell you how to work out how large you need. Thicker leather is not recommended as it is hard to  turn it where needed.
  • You may need something to line the inside of the cover with – depending on how you want to cover it.
  • needles, thread, scalpels,  scissors depending on what you are using to cover the book.  Any bling you want to decorate the cover with.
  • Velcro dots can be handy as an added security for keeping the device in the book. (usually not necessary unless using a different sized device)
  • For smaller devices, you can add a strap and hook to turn into a girdle book.  Latch closures can also be added, you will need these and fasteners.

Basically – what you need will depend partly on how fancy you want to make your finished book.

31st:  UFO’s and Largesse.  (For those confused, UFO is SCAdian for an Un Finished Object – those pesky pieces tucked away and not finished yet or needing some help/advice to get completed.  Largesse is gifts.  Usually small items made and donated to the Barony or Kingdom to help fill a need.) Usual hall and insurance fees apply.


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Some embroidery done by one of our members.

7th:  Follow up class with Mistress Felice for fitting your Italian bodice.  Bring your toile, there should also be time for cutting out fabric and skirts if you happen to have it.  Of course Observers/chatters welcome as usual.

14th: Calligraphy and Illumination

21st:  General Meeting

28th:  Vambrace (archery arm guard) and finger guards .  Will require a piece of (preferably hardened) leather at least the length of your forearm and wide enough to go around your forearm  (at least 3mm thick).  Piece of leather at least 100 mm square, no more than 2mm thick for fingerguard.  You may wish to have some leather thonging to attach.


4th:  Testing Inkle loom patterns with Mistress Gwynnhavyr

11th: Calligraphy and Illumination

18th:  General Meeting.